Newlin Breeze JW


15 inch
MLS clear 
| NCCD clear | IGS clear

breeder: Liz Calikes & the late David Bradley

1 CC | 1 RCC
International Show Champion
Junior Warrant | German Junior Champion BCD

German Champion BCD & VDH | Danish Champion | Polish Champion
Berlin Winner 2010 | Leipzig Winner 2010 | Germanwinner 2010 | Winner Amsterdam 2011

Watch Watch Breeze show at
International Dog Show Berlin 2010.


"A really lovely bitch, who is so full of quality & put together beautifully. She has the most appealing head & expression. Super front, neck & shoulders.
She is a pleasure on the move being completely true both ways & having a lovely free flowing movement in profile."

Crufts 2010 - Jane May



Breeze came here at the age of 10 months when she was already a Junior Warrant.
She finnished her Junior Warrant on may 3rd 2009 at Devon and Cornwall Championship Breed show in only 7 weeks.

She then came to Germany and became BCD Youth Champion in only 3 Speciality Shows and gained her crowning CAC for her German Club Champion just one week after her waitingtime.
Many other Champions and Titles followed aswell as an 1st at Crufts 2010.
Breeze returned back to Liz in 2011 and won 1 CC and 1 RCC.

Breeze had her first puppies in 2012 whic
h do look very promissing at the moment.
Just 4 months after she gave birth to her first litter she became International Show Champion which retired her from the Showring
as I think she has won more than enough than I could have ever hoped for.....

I love my special girl and want to say a big thank you to Liz Calikes and the late David Bradley for their trust.






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