Nat'l Dog Show Kassel (D) december 8th
Judge: W. Schicker (D)

Hertta is back in the german ring and what a great start for her...
She wins open bitches and is awarded Best Bitch with CAC.


Int'l Dog Shows Nowa Gorica (SLO) november 10th & 11th
Judges: sat. C. Stefanescu (RO) sun. J. Wauben (NL)

Well that was definatenly one of the greatest shows I had this year.
Quite far away with my dear friend Kristina, 4 Beagles & 2 Border Terriers - but it was all worth it!

On saturday with respected judge C. Stefanescu in the centre the boys were on the row.
Spirit was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.
Senna wins his class and res. CACIB. His best buddy Chief was awarded Best of Breed and crowned the day with a G'3.

On sunday our team was joined by Indy while Chief enjoyed a spare day.
Spirit is awarded best Puppy in Breed once again & his younger cousin Indy is awarded Best Baby in Breed.
Senna followed his buddy and was awarded Best of Breed and crowned the day with a G'2.

What a weekend.....

Thanks to all judges and to my dogs. Congrats also to Kristina who's Border Terrier Sputnik finished his International Champion.
Last but not least a huge thank you to my gorgeous friend Beate who let her darling travel all the way down with us!

Int'l Dog Show Hannover (D) october 27th
Judge: J. Eberhardt (D)

Senna wins Open Dog and becomes reserve Best Male.

Int'l Dog Show Wroclaw (PL) september 30th
Judge: L. Salomon (PL)

Once again in Poland with Senna & Stine..
Senna wins his class and gets another important CWC towards his Polish Title and Stine is awarded Best Baby in Breed.

Nat'l Dog Show Zielona Góra (PL) september 23th
Judge: L. Siejkowski (PL)

A good day in Poland for Leia' s offspring Senna & Stine.
Senna is awarded Best of Breed and Stine Best Baby in Breed.

Int'l Dog Show Gießen (D) september 1st
Judge breed & group: W. Trumpfheller (D)

Wohoo what a great day for my lovely Senna. He wins the breed and crowned the day with another Best in Group!
Well done Senna & thank you to the judge.


Int'l Dog Show Ludwigshafen (D) august 11th
Judge: G. Kastl (D)

We took 3 Beagles with us to the show and aimed high when I said to come back with 3 red rosetts...
However the dogs did a great job and finally managed to bring home 3 red rosetts.
Senna, Cief and Breeze won their classes and on the top of the cake Breeze finished her show career with a res. CACIB.

Nat'l Dog Show Zakopane (PL) august 5th

Senna wins his class and becomes Best of Breed in Poland.
Since we were on holidays we did not stay for the group.....

Int'l Dog Show Brno (CZ) june 23th
Judges: N. Harris (AUS) & S. Bownds (AUS)

Wohoo what a day for my showteam...

Breeze is awarded res. Best Bitch and gets her final point for the International Show Champion title.
I am so proud of her as I did not expect her to win her last point at her first Int'l Show after her litter of 6 puppie
s. Well done girlie.
She will make very few attendances at shows now as I think she has won more than enough than I could have ever hoped for.

Senna went one better being crowned Best of Breed.
He wins another CACIB for his International Title.

Thanks for a great show with lovely company & big thank you to the judges.


Houndshow Schöningen (D) june 18th
Judge: S. Seymour (AUS)

Another good show with nice results for us.

It was the first time in the ring for Breeze' s Babies.
Franjean N Newlin' s Team Spirit becomes Best Baby Dog and his sister Franjean Nediva Family Delight becomes Best Baby Bitch.

Senna wins his class and gets another point towards his champion and Breeze showes off like a dream after a break of 7 months and wins a strong Champion Class.

It was a lovely show in great company.


***New puppies***

Leia gave birth to 6 lovely puppies on june 4th.
They are 2 boys and 4 girls.

It' s time to say "good bye"....

My lovely Hertta and two of Breeze' s puppies left home to Finland.
I will miss them and its really quite at home now......

International Dog Show Neumünster (D) june 3rd
Judge: P. Sanders (NL)

"Hertta" finished her holidays in Germany in style!
At her last show for me this year she won her class, became Best Bitch and later Best of Breed!
She got another Vdh-Cha., CAC &CACIB!

Thanks to the judge for this unforgetable day!

Unfortunatenly we could not stay for the group as Hertta was on her flight back already...........

National Dog Show Zabrze (PL) april 15th

"Senna" becomes best male and gets his first point for the polish Champion Title.

Breeze is so proud of her puppies!

They are growing on nicely, but time will tell......

CRUFTS DOG SHOW (GB) march 11th
Judge: M. Hunt (GB)

Great day for "Senna" as he was awarded reserve in Special Junior at Crufts!


National Dog Show Drzonków (PL) march 4th
Judge: (PL)

Another excellent day for brother & sister.
While "Senna" goes back to Junior Class to finish his Polish Juniorchampionship he becomes best Junior In Breed.
His sister "Hertta" becomes Best Of Breed!

International Dog Show Munich (D) march 3rd
Judge: P. Machetanz (D) - breed | B. Müller (CH) - group

What a day for my siblings. It' s their first outing in Intermediate Class. "Senna" wins his class and becomes Best Male with CAC & CACIB.
His sister "Hertta" wins her class too, becomes best bitch with CAC & CACIB and is awarded Best Of Breed followed by a Group 3!

Thanks to the judges and everyone else!
Couldn't ask for a better day!

International Dog Show Głogów (PL) january 27th
Judge: C. Muldoon (IRL)

Another good show for brother and sister in this year.
"Senna" goes Best Junior in Breed while his sister "Hertta" is Best of Opposite Junior in Breed.


International Dog Show Ljubljana II (SLO) january 15th
Breedjudge: Josef Němec (CZ)
Junior BIS: Paolo Dondina (I)

What a great start into the showseason 2012...

Franjean Adelaide for Komsilan "Hertta" becomes Best Junior in Breed, Best Junior in Group and qualifies for CRUFTS Dog Show 2013!


We just bred CH Newlin Breeze to CH Nannuk Tergy.
I spent a lovely weekend in Prague with friends and dogs!

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